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High-Academic Recruiting at Headfirst Southeast in November

Each year, we host over 2500 student-athletes and their families and speak with thousands more via email and phone. In September and October, the most frequently asked question we get […]

Headfirst Alumni Forge Unique Paths: NYU to PyeongChang, Pennsylvania to Virginia

After 20 years of running showcase camps, we’re continually awed and humbled by the student-athletes who we have the privilege of hosting each year. Their mindset, work ethic and grit […]

From Princeton & MIT to Silicon Valley & D.C. – Headfirst Alumni Spotlight Vol. 2

We’re excited to once again highlight the achievements of several past Headfirst attendees as part of the second installment of our Headfirst Alumni Spotlight. Like you, they were once high […]

Success Stories from Harvard and Davidson – Headfirst Alumni Spotlight

Our Headfirst Honor Roll alumni continue to astound and amaze us. As the 2017 season hits its stride, we decided to take a look at our alumni playing at the […]

All Things Considered: Finding the Right Fit

Many parents and players who reach out to us with questions about our showcases also have questions about the recruiting and college selection process as a whole. To help as […]